The traditional BFFT race with slighty different sports equipment
The winners received BFFT beanies and drink vouchers
Fun in the snow for the whole team
The BFFT banner was also misused
Preparations for fun on the slopes
At the party that followed, the mood was excellent as usual
If you did not want to ski or snowboard, you could go on a giuded snowshoe hike.
Delicious food for the hungry winter athletes

Fun in the snow instead of office and workshop: The BFFT Winter Sports Day 2018 in Sudelfeld

Team spirit, good fun with your co-workers outside of work and joint celebrations – that’s the formula Ingolstadt, Germany based automotive technology developer and electronics expert BFFT deploys every year when hosting special major events for the company’s employees.

In 2018, a packed coach with winter sports fans from BFFT, the subsidiary aeromotive and parent company EDAG EE Ingolstadt once again embarked on a journey into the Alps. This year’s destination: Family Paradise Sudelfeld/Bayrischzell in the Bavarian Alps, just 50 km south of Munich. The BFFT bus left the company’s headquarters in Gaimersheim at 6.30 am. For breakfast and to get ready for the activities ahead, plenty of buttered pretzels were served for everyone on the bus. Once there, the travelers had the option to either ski the slopes, snowboard, cross country ski or participate in a guided snow shoe hike. In other words, the program offered something for everyone.

At 3 pm, the BFFT team assambled as it was time for the BFFT race. The unique challenge: All who raced had to give their estimates of the speeds they believed they would reach to race control. At the end of the race, the results of the three-person-teams that had been formed ahead of time were added up. The team that came closest to the actual result with its estimate was declared the winner. A professional measuring pistol, which displays the speed with a tolerance of +/- 1 km/h, was used. Several equipment options were available for the race: A ski bob, a slide, a tire and the type of bobsled everyone is familiar with. The team of BFFT aeromotive that came in first received – perfect for the season – BFFT beanies and beverage vouchers for the mandatory BFFT après ski party. The second and third runners up also received beverage vouchers as prizes.

To bring the adventures of the BFFT winter sports day to a glorious conclusion, the entire team got together for dinner at the rustic Schindlberger-Alm and partied into the late evening hours before heading back to the headquarters. Once again, the BFFT adventurers got to enjoy the coach ride, ski passes, food and the colorful entertainment program for free, which turned the BFFT winter sports day into another unforgettable event for the entire staff.