Cheque presentation, Ralf Rudol (CEO) with Goals for Kids
Donation in the amout of 2.000 €
BFFT aeromotive
Goals for Kids

Donations instead of gifts: BFFT aeromotive donates to Goals for Kids e.V.

For BFFT, acting in a socially responsible manner also means using its expertise, experience and standing as a successful, growing company in Region 10* to help other people. BFFT strives to give something back to the local community by means of events or other special measures. BFFT has already organised various donation campaigns in the past, ranging from a simple donation of clothes to Arbeiter Wohlfahrt or blood donation campaigns with the Bavarian Red Cross to a special donation for victims of the “flood of the century” in 2013.

BFFT subsidiary BFFT aeromotive** had an idea for another type of donation for Christmas 2016: under the motto “Donations instead of gifts”, the aeromotive team donated the same amount to a non-profit organisation as it would have spent on Christmas gifts for customers. A total of 2,000 euros went to the Goals for Kids association in Ingolstadt, which was launched in 2007. Founded by Glen Goodall, the former captain of ERC Ingolstadt (ERCI), the club has been under the umbrella of ERCI GmbH since April 2010. Goals for Kids is entirely financed by donations and exclusively supports sick and socially disadvantaged children and teenagers from Region 10*. The aim of the association is to provide support where health care systems and state subsidies are ineffective.

Shortly before Easter, BFFT aeromotive CEO Ralf Rudolf handed over a symbolic cheque to Goals for Kids President Steffi Praunsmändtl and Treasurer Ullrich Hähl, who also took time to attend the cheque presentation at the BFFT headquarters in Gaimersheim, as representative of ERC Ingolstadt. “Goals for Kids is the perfect organisation for a donation. You know that the money will arrive and be used where it is urgently needed,” remarked Rudolf as he handed over the cheque.

Steffi Praunsmändtl welcomed the donation from BFFT aeromotive: “We are very grateful for the donation and look forward to other joint campaigns with BFFT in the near future. It is a great aid to our work when local companies such as BFFT support the Goals for Kids association. Such a cooperation benefits the children and young people.

BFFT Fahrzeugtechnik is also planning a special “Donations instead of gifts” campaign with Goals for Kids in 2017: this year, BFFT employees can decide whether they want to waive a small, personal birthday gift and donate the equivalent amount to Goals for Kids. So far, the employees seem to be clearly in favour of the donation: almost everyone who has celebrated a birthday wanted to participate in the fund-raising campaign and support Goals for Kids e.V.

* Region 10 consists of the districts Eichstätt, Neuburg-Schrobenhausen, Pfaffenhofen a.d. Ilm and the autonomous city of Ingolstadt.

** BFFT aeromotive is a 100% subsidiary of BFFT Fahrzeugtechnik and pursues the transfer of automotive technologies to the field of aviation. The key focus lies on the development, production and validation of system environments for analytical, evaluative and testing applications for clients in the aviation industry.