Eurofighter in action (Copyright Eurofighter Dan Kemsley)
Web application EISMO (Eurofighter in service maintenance optimisation)
BFFT Department Application Development
BFFT aeromotive

BFFT aeromotive develops web application for Airbus

The automotive and aerospace industries are prime examples of the benefits of a targeted technology transfer. BFFT has been engaged in the transfer of automotive developments to the aviation industry for several years. Since November 2013, BFFT aeromotive and the application development department have been cooperating closely on a joint project for BFFT client Airbus.

The objective is the development by July 2014 of the EISMO (Eurofighter In Service Maintenance Optimisation) web application, which will analyse and optimise the maintenance tasks of the Eurofighter programme. The application will collect and analyse data from various databases of the Eurofighter partner companies (e.g. Airbus Defence & Space). The results of the analyses will indicate whether maintenance intervals can be shortened, and whether aircraft maintenance activities can be completely suspended or replaced by other more efficient procedures. A total of four countries are working with the data.